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Our Cocktail Menus

To experience the cocktails at the Coat Room is to tempt your palette in a way you likely have not had the pleasure of doing yet.  Having some of the best mixologists in upstate New York, the beverage program is unique and noteworthy, yet approachable and familiar.  You will see classics such as the Manhattan and the Bees Knees done in a modern and tantalizing way.  A raspberry infused vermouth puts a special twist on the Manhattan classic and with the “Maries Knees”, it’s a special, unique blend of honey and herbal gin introduced to your morning cup of tea. 


Come experience the ”Side Salad”, a drink that tastes like a Caprese salad in liquid form.  The burrata cheese foam on top is really the star of the show, along with a snack!  Perhaps you prefer something a touch sour over savory, well the “Upstate Sour” might be best for you.  Served in a small glass and intended to be something you savor, the pomegranate notes and apple brandy marry one another below a white wine foam floater that tips the hat for an ode to the classic New York Sour.


Those are just a few of the specialty beverages you will find at the Coat Room.  Come experience our full menu of signature cocktails, unique wine list and extensive spirits!

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