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History of The United States Hotel

United States Hotel

The Coat Room at 385 Broadway is located on the former site of the famed United States Hotel.  In 1824, the first building on the site was constructed.  It was a four-story, brick building with 120’ facing Broadway.  As the natural springs of Saratoga Springs attracted visitors, the popularity of the United States Hotel grew, requiring additions to be made to accommodate more guests. 

United States Hotel
United States Hotel

In 1865, it was lost to fire.  It was not until 1874 that the United States Hotel reopened.  The new Second Empire hotel, designed by prominent local architects Stevens and Vaugh, was six stories in height and 1,500 feet in length.  It could accommodate up to 2,000 guests in its 768 sleeping rooms and 65 suites, which featured a parlor and one to seven bedrooms. The large dining room featured gilded chandeliers and the guest rooms featured carved black walnut furniture and white marble basins. 

The U-shaped hotel not only provided guests the opportunity to enjoy the grand porch facing Broadway, it provided porches facing a beautiful private park with walkways that formed an internal courtyard accessible to only hotel guests.  The long narrow porch that faced Division Street was referred to as “Millionaire’s Row” because some of the nation’s wealthiest would meet there.  Luminaries such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Spencer Trask, Katrina Trask, Andrew Carnegie, C.V. Whitney, and J.P. Morgan to name a few were guests of the United States Hotel.  Come find their pictures mixed amongst the extensive historic photo gallery that exists in the Coat Room.

United States Hotel

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Preferred guests have access to our reservation system, special events, no seating charges, no monthly minimums and other building amenities. If you are not a Preferred Guest, it is first come, first served and be prepared to ask for a “coat check” which comes with a minimum per head seating charge.

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